Thursday, March 4, 2010

Back At It

After having to cancel the last craft group because of sick kids, I was glad to pick it up again this week. And what a good way to start National Craft Month. There was only Stephanie and me, but it was still fun and we got stuff done. I got my curtains hemmed. Something I have been meaning to do for a long time. I didn't take pictures of that however. 

Stephanie got a pile of mending done. I should have got her to do mine while she was at it. I guess there is always next time.

I also worked on the blessing dress I am making for my friend Lexy. I was so excited when she asked me to make it. The pattern she picked is beautiful. You get a little sneak peek, Lex. I can't wait to finish it and see it on her little sweetheart.

I am so glad I decided to start this craft group. It is such a good excuse to get together and chat and get some projects done. Iris and Donevan love having other kids come over and play too. I like that they wear themselves out and take good naps in the afternoon, which means I can get even more done! Hooray for crafting!

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  1. Kinz, it is so beautiful! I am glad that I get a sneak peak! You are so so talented! Thank you, Thank you! Love ya